Random post. Another one, I know. Sorry 😦

Weather is supposedly raining on Tuesday, I hope not – please say that have it wrong. That’s gramp’s funeral day.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
Broken Strings – James Morrison and Nelly Furtado
Circus – Britney Spears
Beggin’ – Madcon
One Step at a time – Jordin Sparks
Bruises – Chairlift (from the nano advert)
Let Your love flow – The Bellamy Brothers (from the Barclays advert – it rules, I’d love to get home that way!)

Other random things, I’ve watched TONS of Brian Conley adverts. Scary thing is, when some of the poems from the Larry The Loafer section (awww :heart: Larry!) I STILL remember by heart 🙂

My classmate Trev sat next to me
my god he didn’t half honk
He had this really dreadful smell
which got right up my conk
His breath stank like raw onions
his feet like god knows what
His armpits ponged of mouldy cheese
whenever they got hot
But last week Trevor moved away
and went and joined class three
the trouble is, the smell’s still there
which means it must be me!

Little Bo Peep couldn’t find her sheep
when she woke up under a hedge
They were down at the shops, cut up as chops
next to the frozen veg!

Yeah, try and get me to learn “Monday’s child…” poem while at school and I couldn’t do it. Replay Brian Conley over and over til I wore out the tape, and 17 years later, I can still remember those poems from memory lol!
I’m off down nan’s tomorrow, My mum went down on Thursday and she said all the adults (ie, gramp’s biological children, and my nan’s kids – my aunt, uncle and dad) have to be there at 1pm… and no kids (yes, we’re still referred to as “kids” even though I’m 26 and my older cousins are in their 30s LOL) but mum mentioned me and I’m allowed to go.

I had a random idea of doing a sort of documentary of my family. I printed a ton of sheets off for my family but none of them have filled them in. This really upset me as there’s so much about my gramp I never got to find out about before he died and I swore that wouldn’t happen after I planned on interviewing my great nan and then she died.

2 thoughts on “Playlist

  1. I had a reply typed out to your last entry a few days ago but I’m not sure if I ever hit submit. Anyway, great clips, they made me laugh.
    The documentary sounds like a great idea. I love hearing stories from my grandparents, there’s so much I don’t know.

  2. Sorry you didn’t get to find out all that about your grandfather. The documentary does sound neat though.
    It was always easier for me to remember funny poems too, lol.

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