It was nice to see everyone today, I saw Sarah down nan’s house. But it didn’t feel right.

I’m just waiting for a call so I can head over to mum’s house and pop next door to get some shots of the baby nursery and then I can start on my nephew’s scrapbook. Stewart started drawing the mural on the wall so it won’t be “complete” if you catch my drift, but I helped him build the cot on Tuesday. We had to do something to keep us busy and I wanted to be with family, but I will show off the photos here 🙂

Oh and that design course I did back last year, I will have to remember to post a video up flicking through my folder for you all to see, as I won’t be sharing all the layouts and I wanted to post like a “thank you” to our teacher, Cathy, as if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have all these memories captured. But oh boy! The album is huge and heavy lol. I tell you, American Crafts 12×12 albums are the way to go 🙂 I love that system.

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