Love you gramp

Gramp the ham :)

4.30 ish this morning my parents had a call to say my gramp had passed away. He went in for his pacemaker to be fitted yesterday which he’s been waiting for ages to have done.

I had a complete breakdown when my mum told me, she called me at 6.20am thinking that I had my alarm set for 6am, when it’s actually 7am, but I immediately knew when I did 1471 and it was my mum’s number that it couldn’t be good news.

The last thing he said to me (on Sat) was asking me if I was happy (normally he quickly retorts: “we’ll soon sort that out!” lol) but he just smiled and asked me how Gareth was, he gave me a big hug and kiss and I told him I’d see him on Saturday, as I do every single week.

Even Stewart is really upset. I’m just trying to keep myself busy between the tears and I’ve gone through all my old photos for any photo I could find with him in it. Waiting for a call from Stewart or something.

Chilling in the front garden
Gramp in the back garden

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