Snow :)

What a week everyone has had! Monday we awoke to lots of snow, Tuesday was more snow but it had melted by the afternoon. Wednesday was just very icey, Thursday there was more snow but quite a bit had melted by the afternoon and then this morning was just… wow.

I’ve been leaving an extra 20 minutes in the mornings all week, and this morning it was blowing a blizzard. I had the local radio station on who were basically saying that you probably shouldn’t even bother going out lol. We had obviously run out of grit around these parts and the roads were just a complete nightmare. I rang work to find out who was in… I was so sorely tempted to ring in to work and tell them I was turning around because no one was moving anywhere. But I braved it. Only 5 minutes late, where the poor 9am starters were 20 minutes late.

All photos are from various days this week:
Sledges :)

Even though I was peeved that I had no work to do and I had to stay at work, the drive home was a dream as no one was out! Apart from the snowy roads still though.

2 thoughts on “Snow :)

  1. The snow is so pretty! I haven’t been sledding since I was 3, and then we went sledding in an unused pizza box! lol

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