Catch up

I remember when I used to post often lol. It seems all that’s going on at the moment is lots of wedding talk anyway, but the last 2 Saturdays both me and G have been down in Cardiff with his family.

I’ve also been completely, totally and utterly engrossed in Twilight. I’m trying to savour the last couple of chapters as I’m on the last book now anyway, then once G has finished the book I bought him for Christmas he will start on the books himself. I’ve been driving him absolutely nuts: it’s been Twilight everything! I got the soundtrack (amazing, you should check it out!), the movie companion book as well. I even dragged my mum to watch the movie and then spent the journey home discussing all the parts from the book that I thought should have been in the movie lol.

I made some bookmarks, should anyone want to make some themselves you can download them here:

Sadly my printer prints stripey, and I covered them in sticky back plastic so I couldn’t use the flash so the photos don’t do them enough justice:
Bookmark 2
Bookmark 1

One thought on “Catch up

  1. Aw, wedding talk!
    I love the books too. I’ve only read the first two and really want to read the other two, but I think I’ll wait until May when internship is over because otherwise I’ll totally neglect my internship responsibilities for a few days until I finish the books, lol.

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