Less than 3 hrs til December!

Woooooo! Haven’t started this week’s Cathy’s class yet I must admit, but that’s because I’ve been super busy decorating and doing more Xmas Crafts. I made myself a cute Christmas book, and I have frosted snowflakes in the window and the Xmas lights up in the window too. It’s so festive in my front room it’s awesome. Quite fancy putting a few bits up in the bedroom, as aside from the frosted snowflakes in the kitchen window too, the only decorated room is our lounge lol.

I have a digital kit from Digital Design Essentials ready for Shimelle’s Journal Your Chistmas class that starts tomorrow, I will try my best to keep up, and I have a “Christmas Past” accordian album I have in mind… and A month of Gratitude book from Cathy… and a “Holiday 2008” album from Cathy too… lol… dunno how I’m going to get it all done!

One thought on “Less than 3 hrs til December!

  1. Aw, I want to get our Christmas tree up and get the house decorated! lol Good luck keeping up with the scrapbooking!

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