Bit misty eyed!

At my nan’s house yesterday, she was going through the photos of Lauren’s Christening. I had put all the photos on to CD for my Aunt who went to Asda and got some prints for nan 🙂 Lauren had some professional shots done (which looked so cute btw!) and my Aunt had been discussing just how much these prints were! £18 for a print that would cost pence if you got them developed yourself… I said this is how the photographers make their money! I’m guessing the photographers might have had a small fee if not done it for free, to photograph the children around our hometown at the local paper… They are running a baby competition as they always do – only to enter you must have a photo done by the photographer – you cannot enter your own. That’s when they charge the parents such high fees for prints, as that’s where they make their money.

Anywho, back to my point.

So my nan was completely gushing over my photos. I just love taking them, and I do my best, and ultimately it’s all headed for the designated scrapbooks anyway – so in this case the photos were going to end up in Lauren’s album. But it was what she was saying about the photos that made me get a little choked up lol. She held up a photo of Leanne and said: “This looks like a professional took it!” and continued to go on about how wonderful the shots were.

Awwwwwwwwww 🙂

And speaking of photography, I got these shots from Claire’s mum – which other than the group photo I took at the end on timer and did a mad dash to get in the photo & the one my dad took of me, Claire and Stewart – proves I was there lol!
Snapping away! Watching the ceremony...

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