Snowed In woooo

I listened to the majority of Snowed In today, woo-hoo! This album has been so much a part of Christmas since 1997 when it was released 🙂 I absolutely must listen to during the week it was first released back in 97 – It was 17th November, but I couldn’t listen to it until this morning. I love this album 🙂 And I’m seriously feeling all festive! I know Americans have Thanksgiving to get out of the way before they can get festive lol, but for us it’s pretty much a straight run to Christmas once we have Guy Fawkes (5th Nov) over with. We’re getting out decorations down from the attic tomorrow, super exciting! Even more so after seeing Cathy’s xmas album in “Mini albums in an evening”, such a cute album – I got the downloads from the site ready for my own!

I’m starting to feel a little… poorly. I’m getting really hot, I’ve had to unplug our little electric heater (Stewart still hasn’t popped around to check the central heating), my head is pounding, I have really bad congestion and I feel just generally rough.

I also feel super happy about it being Friday night. My favourite time of the week… Why? Because work has just finished and you still have all of Saturday and Sunday to look forward to. I’ve been public enemy number 1 at work all week. So the fact I have Monday off (although to go to hospital in Cardiff with G, as he needs to get a check up every couple of years after he had leukemia when he was younger), is a welcome relief.

Update with my DG album: I’ve printed off 188 wallet sized photos (ayecarumba!) and I’m pretty convinced that I don’t have enough cardstock for all the journalling so I’ll be getting more when I get to paperarts in mid December. I’ve added extra page protectors so I can fit all of my DGs into one album as well, but in the meantime I can still do the midnumbing task of cutting out all of those 188 photos, finding out which day they belong to, put them in order, and then stick them down on paper. I’ll have a nice little production line going and I will feel so FANTASTIC when I’m completed 🙂 Seriously, I’ve done mini books but apart from filling 2 12×12 scrapbooks of random stuff, it will feel so great to have a big theme album completed. Maybe it’s a crafter/scrapbooking thing lol.

Anywho, I’m off to grab some cold & flu capsules (just to be sure!!) and to watch “Now that’s what I call 1983” on ITV, awesome. It’s the year I was born 😀

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