Daily Grind album

I’ve done about 5 double layouts for the album in just 2 nights, and have printed enough photos for a further 3 more layouts… Just 13 more to go! LOL! I think I may need a “Daily Grind part 2” album! But it feels so good to get stuck in. I’m very much a follower of the “simple scrapbooking” philosophy now… well I think I’ve always followed it, as I never realised at how much a part of me did so much of the Design Course I’m doing without even realising it. In fact a fellow scrapper saw my UKS gallery and said that I didn’t need to do the course lol. The layouts in the DG album may appear to be boring and plain, but for me right now it’s about getting those photos and journalling from that moment down and into an album (I do plan on getting a page up on the site about the scrapping element of the DG and feature the above layout in sketch form featuring measurements etc as I have been getting for my class). And I’m seriously loving it. I’ve not been so inspired to get so much scrapping done in such a long time. In fact I think I’ve done more scrapping over these last 7 weeks than I have done in a couple of years! and I now have a system -even if it is a bit of a random one – for “must scrap” photos.

But as for this album, I’m so pleased to finally be getting into it and getting all those really old and distant memories down. As I have noted on my DG page:

“I really can’t say how much I’ve enjoyed this project. This project gave me such insight to other countries, traditions and ways of life, and I’ve been participating since 2002! It’s such a cool feeling to look back over all my past grinds that I joined in and see old work friends who I lost contact with, see my great nan who we sadly lost in January 2007 and to see a spread of food across the table at my nan’s house which since she had her operation for her cancer she is no longer able to do.
Can you remember step-by-step what you did Christmas Eve 5 years ago? I have been lucky enough to have Grinds on such days as my cousin’s wedding and I collected all the photos and put them into a scrapbook album to remember her special day. My first holiday without my parents to Egypt. And if all this hasn’t persuaded you to join in, then nothing will!”


To be honest, when I was going to move everything over to I was planning on cutting the photolog out, and not transfer it over but now I just can’t let it go.

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