A few things to brighten my week

(1) I got a letter from Little Princess Trust to say thank you for my hair donation 🙂 It’s a lovely letter too!
(2) New video up at sims3.com — I can’t wait for the game, but poo, they’ve pushed the UK release date back from February to April. Still, it’ll be soooooo awesome and it’s so exciting to see what’s coming! Check it out.
(3) Pop Tarts… 2 boxes. *slurp* I’ve finished off the Baileys flavoured Hagen Daas tonight though lol. And I have Pretzels. My favourite snack food!
(4) Studio Calico kit shipped on Monday – yaaaaaaay! My free American Crafts bonus kit thingy isn’t coming until December though, but the way I see it – extra Xmas present!
(5) Xmas ideas. I’ve been sat going through my special mags for gift ideas for my budget Xmas 🙂 Fabbo ideas and best of all there’s lots of cool ideas online at places like twopeasinabucket.com and creatingkeepsakes.com have online bonuses from the mags (paper crafts if you wanna look)

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