Hospital appointment

Finally got in to see my consultant a bit later (an hr 45 mins after my original appointment) and what was rather interesting was looking at my CT Scan on the screen from when I was ill… Upon closer inspection when the consultant was talking me through it… I actually had DOUBLE pneumonia! There on the screen in front of us as my lungs inflated was a huge white cloud in my right lung. And there in my left lung was a small white cloud which wasn’t picked up on the X Ray but was clear enough on the CT Scan where the pneumonia had started on the other one.
Someone actually made an interesting point, that the pneumonia had taken hold of both lungs, had I have left it longer or I’d had been fobbed off as I had been that morning at the A & E… Would I have died? :dead:

Anywho, I got home to put in my sub for Studio Calico (which I drooled over at lunch time) and I was so gutted as the “Hobson Grove” add on kit I had my heart set on, had sold out. would have like the Ali Edwards stamps too, but that had already sold out when I looked at it anyway. At least I know next time – get up when the alarm goes off for work, check SC website for yummy add ons, and order if required. Still, Rach has put in for our free kits. I think we both deserve one 🙂 and I looooooooooove American Crafts, so I at least have that to look forward to, even if I didn’t get the add on I wanted. I think it was the cute “home” stickers that did it for me… Will have to go in search for them.

And it’s snowing outside! LOL! I so hope it snows at Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Hospital appointment

  1. The pictures from the marathon were great, and I love the picture of your pumpkin. I commented on flickr earlier because I saw the picture there first.
    Double pneumonia! That’s awful. Thank goodness they found out you had pneumonia and treated you in time!

  2. Wow that’s crazy. I’m so glad they caught it in time. They should have caught it earlier!
    Your pumpkin came out great. And as always I love the scrapbook pages.

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