Pumpkins, Scrapping and SL.

Woo-hoo! Pumpkin!


Not too bad for my second ever attempt, and my first time with a template and carving kit. The kit cost £1 from Woolies (you can get tons of stuff in Woolworths lol!) Me and G were supposed to do one each, but sadly I’ve lost him to Fable 2 which he’s got and played constantly since he finished work at 11.30am on Friday. His is still waiting for him.

Now for Scrapping for this week’s part of my class:
Remember this - week 4, layout 1

This part, I thought was pure genious and such a funky cool idea! A mini book in our album!!
Gimme 5 - week 4, layout 2 (mini book)
Kirsty - week 4, layout 2 (mini book)
There are pages for: My mum, dad, Stewart, Claire, me and Gareth 🙂 That’s just my page.

and here’s my funky attempts at some “artist shots” in Second life. I was dancing at Scoutlounge 🙂
dance - scoutlounge1
dance - scoutlounge6

And I got myself a cute little outfit together (hair and top from “Wrong“)
Dancing in my "Wrong" gear Jeans from Jarnia (they have cool freebie boxes with awesome stuff in. You can see me wearing a Jarnia shirt in this pic) and the shoes are on sale at Lassitude and Ennui – I loooooooove their shoes. In fact I have several pairs lol. They have some free sandals going at the moment 🙂 and I picked up a pair of boots while I was at it.

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