Stroud half marathon

It was awful weather to be running in

Dad before the race

(you have to look super hard on this one to spot my dad crossing the line… the woman got in the way!)

Dad crossing the line

Dad's medal


But super proud of my dad and my Uncle Brian who got in at 1:40 and 1:46 ish, my dad was hoping to get in at 1 hour 45, but knocked 5 mins off. The last time he did it was 1994 (so 14 years ago!) and he managed it in about 1:30 back then. Bit disappointed that the muddy field we were all stood in had no hot food etc. Glad I took a thermos of hot choccy as it was COLD! Had to laugh though, the guy who crossed the line first (1 hour 5 mins) started to walk slowly and stretch after he had got across the line… only some flaming loonatic somehow got on to the course in his car (dispite the fact the roads were blocked off – go figure!) drove through the finishing line – and honked his horn at the winner to get him out the way!!! What cheek! He shouldn’t have been there anyway – surely the big inflatable “FINISH” line was a bit of a giveaway, along with the crowds of people lining the road! Luckily he was apprehended and given a stern ticking off.
I have some more scrapping material for my class now 🙂 Speaking of class I do have some pages to share. The lighting is awful in here (after all it is grey and horrible and raining) so I will just take it in a bit with the flash.

One thought on “Stroud half marathon

  1. Wow, 14 years and he only gained 10 minutes. That’s impressive. lol I can’t believe the guy in the car honked at that guy! I would have been mortified if I had realized I’d driven into the middle of a marathon.

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