Hugs for nan

Thought this was appropriate at the moment:
Hugs for nan - Week 3, layout 1

Nan is still poorly, she’s got to go back to the hospital to have the fluid around her heart removed.

Beautiful Goddaughter - Week 3, layout 2

Yup, brownie points for me… getting both assignments done on the first day!
I managed to drive (barely) to the doctors this afternoon. Asked him questions about the coughing up and the pain which I still have. He said the pain is just the inflammation by my lungs and that’s what’s causing that and it will go eventually and that the main thing is as long as I can cough up when I have to as that’s the main thing right now to fully recover without too much pain. I just have to take some pain killers and it shouldn’t be too bad.

Also I asked if I was allowed back to work next week and he said as long as I was up to it I could, but he couldn’t stress enough that I had to take it STEADY, just take it slowly.

G bought me a £1 cyber pet from Woolworths yesterday to help with the boredom… I managed to kill in it less than 12 hours… whoops!

One thought on “Hugs for nan

  1. Wow, all your pages come out so pretty! I love the pics in the last entry too.
    I’m glad you’re doing a little better. Hopefully you’ll be completely better soon!
    We used to have Woolworth’s stores here! I wonder if it’s the same store/company. The ones here all shut down when I was really little.

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