Tea Time & Transparency peek

Tea Time - Week 2, layout 2

Layout #2 done. I think that’s me for this “week” (Next week starts on Thursday, so new handouts and stuff – yay!), I can’t do the 8×8 layout it doesn’t quite “fit”… It’s Real World Colour and it’s hot pink in the scheme with the theme “Different/Alike”. Maybe another time.

and a peek at the transparency album:
Transparency book

Apart from drying time, I think it’s taken me a total of 15 minutes to complete – I’m very much a fast scrapper… The longer it takes, the less likely I am to finish it off. I’d have to come back to it lol. I have such a short attention span. But having said that it’s not entirely finished – I still have some alpha stickers to add and to put something on the front.

Anyway, it’s nap time before I go eat, I’m running a little late today 🙂 I have Ali Edwards “Life Artist book” (yeah I’m a little behind on that one, only got it Saturday) so I’m quite happily sat reading it in the evenings or if I’m having a little quiet time.

So much for a freaking nap. Downstairs neighbour has made an appearance and is once again playing her music so loud I couldn’t sleep – or hear my TV, so I stomped around, slammed my washing basket lid down and when I came back in from taking out the rubbish bin, I slammed my damn front door like she did when her dad left.

Now I’m thankful that I never got rid of the huge subwoofer on my computer, as Miley’s Bass is drowning out the music downstairs. Phew. I just hope she’s going to go soon, she’s been here a good couple of hours already and after all this time she STILL hasn’t moved in, so she can’t be much longer surely?

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