I’m in love!

*strokes and drools over the Studio Calico kit in hands* I think Taniwha is insane lol, I am so in love with Studio Calico! It probably also looked like rather dodgy dealings in the Paperarts carpark as myself and the local scrapper exchanged money for a big brown paper bag lol. But I’m in love with everything – bit OTT with the flowers in the kit, but the stamps… OH the STAMPS! You must check out the website.

I did this with the kit for Cathy’s class:
Stewart - week 2, layout 1

and here’s one un-SC related:
Love Always - Week 1, Real World Colour

Seriously, if I didn’t have scrapping right now I’d be going insane from boredom. Well, scrapping and G to drive me around to random places so I’m not stuck in the flat lol. But I got back into Animal Crossing today – it’s the last day of the Acorn Festival and I had to pull tons of weeds out of the ground and kill the damn bugs in my little house, I haven’t played it in so long. I need to try and persuade my mum to get the game so I can visit her town and stuff lol.

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