Woo-hoo, meeting a scrapper!

A local scrapper, who as it appears I met some years ago but briefly as I was leaving the crop as she was coming lol, is wanting to sell her Studio Calico kit… Luckily for me I subscribed to the thread at UKS as I’ve been drooling over these kits for ages and I’m wanting to subscribe next year, and she mentioned that she didn’t like this months kit, so I was right in there lol. Even luckier she’s a Gloucestershire gal too and seeing as G said he would take me to Paperarts tomorrow, I’m meeting up with her there and I’m buying her kit from her cheap woo-hoo!


I’m lurking around at twopeas today (G is working late) as they’re doing classes and chats. I had to go to town so I jumped on the bus to go to the doctors this morning, and I said to the bus driver: “return from town please” and he suggested I get a day rider for £2.80 as it was £1.50 each way. Each way? But I was asking for a return, it made no sense, so i bought the day rider. Once I finished at the doctors and paid the bizarre 11p gas bill (why didn’t they carry it over to the next bill? Really?) I jumped back on the bus and as I had bought a day rider ticket I figured I was going to make use of it and my nan’s house is on the way home and she had got out of hospital herself on Wednesday, so I got off the bus and sat with her for about an hour, jumped back on the bus and went home.

But man, when I got home. My poor pain in my ribs… I had to lay down for ages until I was feeling a little better, and then had a nice hot shower and washed my hair (the shower is good for me because of the steam), and now I’m on the computer 🙂

One thought on “Woo-hoo, meeting a scrapper!

  1. I’m glad you got the extra two weeks to recuperate! *sigh* I wish I was a more talented scrap booker, your pages are awesome as always. That picture of Emily is so darn cute and that’s great that you got a deal on the kit!

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