Talking (s)crap lol

Chocolate Chops lol

I thought it was a bit of a pain if I didn’t include a photo on here, so here’s one of Emily during the summer, as I’m planning on doing a transparency album (I found some transparency as part of a kit I had to do an album for the UKS cyber crop ages ago, only the class really didn’t quite suit me, so I kept the kit to reuse how I felt like doing it haha) the mini book will be about Emily as she’s my Goddaughter after all.

I’ve not had a good couple of days. Yesterday I didn’t even bother putting on proper clothes, I just changed my PJs, my cough was pretty bad and I felt just over all blah. Today I’ve just printed photos for Cathy’s class so I can do that when I am able, as well as photos of emily for the said transparency album that I’ve already cut and bound using my new Bind It All that I got a couple of days ago. I’m going for a sort of Ali Edwards sort of book. The cardstock is cut simliarly for the front & everything, only I have spiral binding 🙂

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