Off work still

The doctor signed me off for another 2 weeks. G took me to Hobby Craft (as I still can’t drive yet, that little pain in my rib area starts up with the moving of the steering wheel – it’s too much hard work) and I got some Making Memories Glitter mini alpha in gold and the tiny little alpha strips with some change I had in my purse, and bumped into an old dance buddy while I was there.

From there it as straight home for food, and on to the computer so I can get some viewing pleasure at, where I realised that (1) I really need a Bind It All machine, (2) I really want an acetate album (I was actually eyeing one up in Hobbycraft) (3) I need to find some awesome digital journalling blocks, similar to that of Making Memories Noteworthy line… I did see one in HC, but it didn’t go with any of the supplies I have already and I was convinced at the time that I could make some of my own. Who knows, over the next 2 weeks I might get so bored I will.

But in the meantime, I need to somehow persuade G to take me to Brimscombe (to the Paperarts shop) so I can buy the bind it all and supplies 🙂

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