During my waking moments (dad bought me Lucozade to help with the lacking of energy) I’m back into Second Life 🙂

In AvalionIn AvalionIn Rivet TownIn Rivet Town

If you happen to see “Lady Verity” in Avalion which is where I’m hanging at the moment (along with Quan Li), please come say hi 🙂

And I’ve got an adult colouring book (it’s a book on horses, get your mind out the gutter lol), and Asda have games for £3.98 so we have Battleships. It’s also quite scary to see how much of a little Hannah Montana collection I have going. In the newspaper they had a voucher for the first issue of the Hannah Montana magazine for free, but W H Smiths ran out, so I don’t have it. I do have the Top Trumps game, 2 packs of trading cards, the sticker album and the photocard album. And some Sandylion stickers which was a random purchase in Waterstones.

G is off work this week too. It can’t be much fun for him at all, I’m very sad because we didn’t get to go away and I’m also always tired or out of breath unable to do very much, and when I’m awake I want to be doing something so end up on the computer on Second Life, lol.

One thought on “Roleplay

  1. are you feeling better! so sorry you were in the hospital!!! oh my gosh. good thing you were finally diagnosed.

    guess what! Hanson is coming here oct! i want to go see them for you.

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