This is so hard. I’m still sleeping a lot. Yesterday when dad drove me to the tip just to drop off my fridge freezer, I came home and was so exhausted I just nodded off as soon as I sat down.
Dad picked me up today and took me to my parents house so I could look after the dogs while he ran errands. It was nice to snuggle up to Taz, and I was only there an hour or so, got home and out for the count again.

Come 9.30pm I’m fast asleep for the rest of the night until my alarm goes off at 6am for my tablets. Dad came round and put an old TV on top of my wardrobe so I can go to bed and watch TV and G won’t have to wake me up to get me to bed. In the front room I have the little foot rest thingy that my dad made for mum’s feet after her operation, so I can sit in the front room without having the sofa out into a bed (so G can sit down normally) yet I can lay here and sleep and relax.

There was also a letter from the travel agent saying we owe them money for the discount I received for the holiday that we can’t go on seeing as I can’t fly for 4 months. Bascially they want us to pay the discount they took off the holiday and for us to claim it back from the insurance. I’m on a major downer about that. It’s Wednesday today and we were supposed to be going on Saturday. I was seriously looking forward to spending a couple of days at Port Aventura.

I hate you NHS.

There’s so much stuff I didn’t realise about pneumonia. For one, something as simple as getting up and making myself a drink of squash and I’m out of breath, and constantly tired. It sucks.

2 thoughts on “Downer

  1. Entry #1
    I want to fly over there and slap that snotty nurse who told you to stop coughing and the Dr. who wrote about the pain pills!
    Entry #2
    That first night sounds scary! I’m glad you had Cheryl, Janet, Sandra, and Muriel to hang out with.
    Entry #3
    What’s Ribena? lol That’s good that you got the girls addresses and numbers. That’s a lot of medicine to keep up with! That’s to bad about your vacation.
    Entry #4
    That’s ridiculous that they expect you to pay back the discount! I hope you get your energy back soon. Keep taking it easy!

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