So it was pneumonia all along… (pt 1)

So things got worse as you can well imagine… I ended up in hospital for a few days. Now this story may take a while as I don’t want to miss anything out so I will probably write it in parts.

My bed

Monday as I was going home from work I wasn’t right. I even commented to a few people that I felt a little odd… I got home and promptly collapsed into G’s arms and then on to the sofa. I was boiling hot to the touch but I was sat shivering terribly. G went to my parents to pick up a thermometer and confirmed I had a fever. He rang the out of hours doctor and raced me there with my mum in tow. The lovely Doctor, Zoe, actually sat and listened to me. She consulted her medical book and went through EVERYTHING. It was so nice to have a doctor who wanted to get to the bottom of things. She listened to my chest and back extra carefully and confirmed my right lung, where the pain had been, wasn’t taking in as much oxygen as the left (which shows she listened more than the others). She was concerned about my temperature and the fact my heart rate was through the roof. She looked at all my notes and pretty much took it into consideration but didn’t go by it 100% as to make her own decision which I cannot thank her enough for. The fact that on the notes it stated: “Not taking pain killers regularly enough” made me so mad as I hadn’t seen anyone since the doctor prescribed them and I hadn’t had them that long EITHER, so how could they write that!?

She was so concerned she said: “It’s either pluracy or pneumonia…” To be honest, when she said that, I wondered how on earth it could be pneumonia, but then I didn’t know a whole lot about it. I was just thankful someone was starting to put names to things. She promptly rang the hospital admissions… but no beds were available. There was no way she was sending me home in that condition, but nowhere else for me to go, so she kept me in her office and brought my fever down and my heart rate, and sent me home on the promise that I would have supervision for the next 24 hours – and if I felt worse again I had to call and they would send someone to me. By this point, I could sense an urgency but she was so restricted at the same time. She had not been able to see any other patients for nearly an hour and a half until she got me feeling a little better as she insisted she watch over me until then. G had to take emergency leave from work and made sure I was ok throughout the night.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I made it through the night. But when the morning came I wanted G to ring my own doctors as I’d tried to hold on as long as I could as the out of hours were closed as the regular ones were back open. G explained they were going to admit me into hospital, this was an emergency appointment… and all they could give me was 3.45pm.

I couldn’t wait. G took me down A&E, closely followed by my mum.

Once there, a completely snotty nurse told me that if I stopped coughing, the pain would go away. That it wasn’t an emergency… Even if there weren’t hospital beds they’d have taken me in… Yeah lady? and where they HELL would they have put me? On a blow up bed in the corridor!?!?! I had to do a peak flow which showed my breathing was my normal (about 300) but the first time I was sobbing my eyes out as she was packing me out the door and dismissing me like everyone else had done. I was so frustrated and breathing was hard nor would she even check my notes from the previous evening.

So it was back home once again. Back on the sofa, with a fever shivering yet hot to the touch. I had to wait until my doctors appointment that afternoon. Just before we left to go I was violently sick over and over in the bathroom. We finally got there and waited until we were called. It was the same doctor who gave me the painkillers and once he examined me and checked my notes, it was as if he suddenly realised his mistake. He sent us out into the corridor, and I was feeling awful by now I seriously wanted to rest. He had managed to secure me a bed at the hospital and sent me back over there…

To be continued.

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