Candles & Class

Mmmmmm, Yankee Candles. Have been burning “Good Morning” this week 🙂
Yankee Candles

And Cathy’s class. Got the album and the prints done, just got to put it all together now 😀
Design Your Life

I do apologise for the terrible lighting in the photos. I don’t think we’ve seen sunlight in a long time. Horrible British weather.

Cough is back… with a vengeance. Well the Bronchial mixture worked for 2 whole days. That was 2 days peace that I enjoyed, even if it was like drinking tar. Blood test came back fine, so everyone is still completely stumped. I’m still in so much pain and I can feel an irritation on my chest.

2 thoughts on “Candles & Class

  1. That scrapbook is beautiful! And that was sweet of that little girl to send you a letter. 🙂 I love getting thoughtful stuff from the kids at work.
    Aw, I hope they figure something out soon!

  2. The pictures of the scrapbook with the christening are beautiful!
    That’s great your family helped with the fridge.
    Sorry the cough is back! I hope they can figure out what’s going on and help!

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