Yesterday got to the doctors in the morning and had the nice nurse who did my blood test and gave me a glass of water afterwards. It freaking hurt. I raced home at lunchtime as a lady who comes in part time at work was telling me about her daughter who is Miley Cyrus crazy, and I happened to mention I’m somewhat of a closet Miley fan and had a few of the Panini stickers from the album that were duplicates and some other Hannah/Miley bits that I took in to work to give her girl, and I grabbed a little lunch including a chocolate mousse.

That night I got home from work and me and G agreed on a pizza for our tea. I got into the freezer and noticed that the pizza wasn’t frozen anymore. Well, I assumed one of us hadn’t shut the door properly. After I had put the pizza in the oven, the fridge/freezer was making horrible noises… so I checked the fridge section, and I’ll be damned if all my mousses weren’t warm. Nothing in the fridge was cold at all.
We promptly stuck all the frozen stuff into bags and run to my parents house (they have a fridge/freezer and a standalone freezer so plenty of space for our stuff!) Ours was buggered to put it bluntly. Dad promptly took us out to all the electrical and white good stores to find a new one. Only being in such an awkward council flat we only had 50cm gap to get one… and standard ones are 60cm… EEK! We desperately wanted one with a larger freezer section anyway as it was just about big enough for me when I lived alone.

Sadly the stores closed and we didn’t find one. We shoved all the fridge stuff in the freezer section with ice packs from my parents, and Stewart had a little fridge that he kept in the spare room for his cans of cider/lager (lol!) which we could borrow at a push if it would have been the weekend before we could get a new one. Dad went out this morning and bought us one and told us to consider it our Christmas present which is super lucky for us as this month is expensive anyway. With the help of Stewart, it was all set up for when I got home 🙂 I’m so lucky to have such a fantastic family, and great parents. I can turn it on in just 10 minutes then I’m off to my parents to grab the frozen stuff to start putting it back in.

And another thing that totally made my day, the lady was back in today and had a letter in an envelope with my name on, a heart and a butterfly. It was from her daughter saying thank you very much for all the Miley stuff as she’s a huge Miley fan. I thought that was so cute and thoughtful, it really did brighten my day, expecially her cute spellings and the fact she sat and decorated the letter with butterflies and stuff. IT was just… awwww 🙂 lol

And to add a really odd quote from a guy at work: “She was on holiday… well I say holiday, she went to a funeral…” It was a you-had-to-be-there moment to find it funny.

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