The state of the NHS

The new doctor I saw today was more interested in making me comfortable than trying to get to the root of my cough. 4th doctor I have seen about this, but I have super strong painkillers and to take matters into my own hands, G got incredibly worried when as soon as I got through the door I was having a coughing fit and couldn’t breathe, so took me to the shops for some bronchial mixture. I guess the funny thing was, while I was coughing, I was still trying to put my Hannah Montana postcard thingies (I get them free, I would like to point out…) into the Hannah binder while gasping for air, trying not to lose count as the postcards are numbered but the damn binder sections aren’t.

I got some scrapbooking done:
Simply Adorable, and embellished Emily and Lauren’s album. I bought a new 12×12 album, one of the cheapy ones from Hobby Craft. When I get enough money, I’m so buying some American Craft ring binders so I can change up the sizes of my pages. Not only that I need one for my “Design Your Life” class. That’s on my next to scrapbook (my prework) layout alongside a cute personal page for my Book of Me, and another page for that new 12×12 album.
and got my twopeas gallery up together:
and a Lady who is an absolute inspiration 🙂 Moon Ko. Her website is here:

Now for some linkage 😀
Becky Higgin’s Family Heritage downloads. A ton of worksheets and templates etc. Seriously awesome – even if you don’t scrapbook, I’d say it’s worth downloading them still and printing them out and getting family members to fill them in to preserve your story.
Paper dollhouses. I am sooooooooooooo printing and assembling the Christmas house scene to go with my Xmas decorations this year. I’ve run the page through the translator already for you all 🙂 Although the instructions for assembly is in Japanese, it’s got very clear diagrams so I’d feel confident giving it a go!

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