**WARNING** Not pretty…

The rain we’ve been having has been terrible. The school down the road (my old Primary School! 🙂 ) was closed today due to flooding. Yesterday it was monsoon rain I swear. I’m also in winter PJs snuggled on the sofa with the guest duvet, and G is sat at the computer in sweatshirt etc just to keep warm. We are determined that we’re not sticking the heating on just yet.
I’ve managed to accidentally take a bite out of my mouth, down by my bottom teeth on the skin in my mouth and it hurts real bad. I think I might have done it while coughing, so I have a pain in my mouth to add to my problems. Today I was bad. Real bad. I will warn you if you’re easily grossed out etc, not to read the rest. I will continue under the cut…

This morning I hadn’t been in work long and I started having a coughing fit. I couldn’t catch my breath as I have a chesty cough I’ve been coughing up stuff and this makes me feel sick, and because I’ve had the pain in my chest for a while now it’s getting much worse so now I try my hardest not to cough because of the sharp stabbing pains I get. I was sobbing my eyes out from the pain.

It happened about 3 times today, but after the first time one of the ladies I work with helped me out and suggested I get in to the doctors. The earliest appointment I can get is Monday afternoon, and that’s with whatever doctor I could get. If I wanted my own Doctor it’d be the end of September.

On the way home from work I was happily bopping along to Hannah Montana, then suddenly *cough*cough*cough* grabbing my chest because of the pain and then *hurl* everywhere in my car. I stuck my hazard warning lights on sobbing my eyes out and grabbed a ton of tissues (which I’ve got for the coughing stuff) to clean up and ended up hurling a further 2 times. In the end I just had to drive the rest of the way home, crying and in pain because of it all.
Got home, scrubbed the car, put everything in the wash and had a nice soak in a hot bath. I need to get better now, I don’t like this anymore 😦

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