Love my mummy

Mum came around and helped me so much today. After all the drama back in January/February the council’s contractors rang me about an electric fire. This made me so mad and made the pain in my chest worse. Funnily though when I answered the phone the guy said: “Is your parents home?” and I just said: “No”. Why does this always happen to me?

So the guy comes out and has a look at the fire, takes pictures to e-mail off and took a complete ear bashing from both my mum and myself and by this point, I was in floods of tears recalling the day I got home from work to be sat in the cold after my boiler packed up and my gas fire was still disconnected and how the council were completely incompetant in the matter.

Sunday was spent in bed all day, and Monday I just wanted to get out the house, so I suggested a nearby carboot and fete just so I could walk around after being stuck in bed all this time. After all of 10 mins at the fete which was incredibly disappointing, Mum (who came with me & G) suggested Blooms garden centre. We didn’t even get to look all the way around. After me and mum drooled over the Yankee Candles and grabbed 3 each, G was hungry and grabbed a sandwich. He sat down and started eating when I started coughing so badly the pain got really bad. I was crying, so we ended up paying for the candles and I came home. G was so annoyed with the NHS and how things were turning out with my pain that he took me back down the hospital last night for the out of hours doctor as it was the bank holiday and I no other doctors were open.
Finally this one said that it sounded like a chest infection and prescribed me antibiotics (this brings my medication count up to 5 now for this) but I do feel a little better this afternoon.
This morning I was awake at 4am. Couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe. It was 6am before I could get up for my painkillers. By lunch time though I hadn’t coughed since I first got up and I felt the pain killers were working. Which after all this time is such a relief. The pain is back right at this very moment though, cos I just had a big coughing fit 😦 Ouchy. But once G is back from work we can eat then I can have my tablets. Can’t have them on an empty stomach so I’ve had to eat at the oddest times, Like a bowl of cereal at 6 this morning when I wasn’t even hungry. Ugh.

But my mum came round and cleaned the kitchen, did the washing, washing up, vacuuming, ironing etc 🙂 super mum 😀 :heart: And for that I’m so grateful and she knows how it’s been driving me nuts. I wanted to do it, I was desperate for it to be done, but I simply couldn’t do it.

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