I never thought…

My Perennial Rhinitis meds 20/08/08

This is my medication for my damn cough. I took the tablets for my perennial rhinitis anyway, this summer it became unbearable so I just had to. Then I went to see the doctor about this horrible cough and he gave me the nasal spray to go along with the tablets as he was far more concerned with my congestion than the cough – ironic really because I’m always so congested that I’m a constant mouth breather. But I must admit that now I can breathe with my mouth closed 🙂 Awesomeness. Now went back today and every single time I go to the doctors they always do an athsma test on me, and every time I do the peak flow meter it comes back fine. But with my cough the doctor decided it might be beneficial to have an inhaler. I mean when I was at school I wasn’t unfit at all, I did karate, dance and gymnastics and I rarely had a day to myself when I wasn’t doing some sport… yet I couldn’t walk up 3 flights of stairs to the top floor of Ribston without wheezing, and the athsma tests came back fine. They always put it down to my perennial rhinitis anyway. But I never thought I’d have to have an inhaler. I didn’t want an inhaler, they were sooo uncool.

So fingers crossed that the cough goes away soon because the pain in my ribs are killing me. I think I pulled a muscle from all the coughing. And if the inhaler works and my cough goes, then I proclaim that inhalers are awesome.

No freaking way! Sims 3 is released on 20th February… That’s what I’ll be spending my bday money on!

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