Sad, sad day.

Can you believe, this was me yesterday:
Me on the pier
Walking along the pier.

This is the pier today, burnt to the ground:

I’m seriously upset 😦 I’ve been going there since I was a baby. I couldn’t believe my ears when I was watching GMTV this morning and they said at 7.40am “Breaking news – Weston Pier is on fire”. It started at 7am, they think it was a fire that started in the fish and chip kitchen on the pier, and it just took over. Very sad.
Me and mum on the Pier Me, Stewart and the Grand Pier

To make things worse, we’re having a thunderstorm and torrential rain right now. It was just over a year ago that we had the floods and we’re due more heavy rain during the night. They’ve been saying on the local news for the last 2 weeks that if we have rain like last year, we’re still not prepared and could endure more flooding. Poor baby got soaked on the way home from work. He had to change.

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