Food’s nearly done

Random picture of me from last Saturday when we went to Wales… Notice the lack of hair? Yup I had 10 and a half inches cut off! I have it here still so I will snap some pictures of my pony tail unattached to my head… The ones I took on the morning are on my mobile phone.
in Wales

Two quick notes:
(1) Scrap your day… This Friday. I have my album ready – I’m already 4 months behind! But I’m taking part. Watch out people on Friday!
(2) Scrapblog. I haven’t played on it in months, and when I was supposed to be researching a few personal things at lunchtime, I ended up on the site for half an hour.

Anyway, tea is cooked, time to serve up!

One thought on “Food’s nearly done

  1. Your hair looks good! I always love getting my hair cut after it’s grown out, it looks so much healthier. Now that I have short hair, getting it cut doesn’t do much towards making it look healthy.

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