Port Aventura baby!

Ok, with typical British weather. Poo. I was hoping to go to a beach this Saturday and embrace my inner child and build sand castles (which people at work found rather amusing) or sand cars… Or The Guy suggested we go to Cardiff where he’s from for the day… but it’s supposed to be raining I think, according to BBC website but on GMTV they said it was going to be nice. So I suppose only time will tell.

I’m also super excited about the prospect of going to Salou in Spain. They have the theme park “Port Aventura” which is my favourite I’ve ever been to! Alton Towers bores me, you can easily do that in less than a day, but Port Aventura you need 2-3 days 🙂 I wanted to go last year but I wasn’t able to. Can you believe I have my map from 1997 still? Can’t find the one from 1995 nor 2001. Nor can I find my super cool Port Aventura passport from 97 either. This was before it got taken over by Universal Studios. One year it was so quiet we went on the Dragon Kahn a dozen times in a row. Felt a little sick afterwards but still it was fun. I went the year it opened so I’m super lucky to have seen the park grow over the years, but the last time I went was 2001, so a visit is long overdue!
Here’s some links to check out anyway: Official site | Wikipedia | Video with the rides
But I’m currently driving The Guy and all my work colleagues nuts about it. Not that The Guy really minds I suppose, cos I plan on smuggling him in my suitcase haha! But a lady at work told me that it’s very similar to Disneyland… I’ve never been there so I wouldn’t know.

And that would be my random posting for the day 🙂

One thought on “Port Aventura baby!

  1. Looks fun! It actually looks like a mixture of Universal and Disney. Disney doesn’t have any upside down roller coasters except for one indoor coaster at MGM.

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