Busy… again (do I ever stop?)

Ok, in my defence you cannot really see them properly in this one…

Photos arrived!

Yup, the photos arrived and just need to be put into an album. Once I find one. The book you see in that picture is the guestbook I’m working on. A completely blank canvas on which to work… I just hope people don’t mind that I am not sitting at the computer and designing lined pages for them to fill in as well! I’m simply doing photo pages and the rest is up to wedding party guests, but I am designing the pages and will be running the pages through the printer. This is why I picked up a spiral bound book – you can take out pages and put them back in again.

I wonder if I consciously take on a ton of stuff to do. It’s all I ever post about – being really busy lol. I’ve got quite a bit done, and I’m just waiting for the photobooks to arrive, need to finish the guestbook and put photos into an album when I get one, mark them up with numbers, get some order forms done so people can tell me which ones they want. I’m charging them at cost. Basically if it costs me 15p per 6×4 print, that’s what I’m asking for from people. I had quite a shock at one photographer when I was being nosey at print prices – £5 for a 6×4!

Anyway, I’ve got to do some more and grab some food before I head out to my parents. Stewart should be home any time now 🙂 I text him earlier to wish him a safe journey home. I hope he enjoyed his honeymoon – and I can take the pictures over to show them too!

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