I’ve got a new toy

I often look over the blog of photographers for The Image Is Found, and came across the actions they use for their photos: Get Totally Rad. They have a little section “Download Sample”, so that’s what I did and I have 3 actions… 1 of which I am magically in love with…




I need those actions *sniff*

Obviously photos from the wedding last Saturday. I have roughly scanned through the photos and have uploaded just a few for friends and family only to view. None have been proofed at all, minus the odd one or two that have been lightened, and these 3 I picked specifically because no one was in them and I could post freely, as I won’t have time just yet to ask them to go through and pick which, if any, I can post here and on my photography site. They wouldn’t go for our idea of being in the local paper which kinda bummed me out – I’d have loved to have seen “photography by Kirsty Base” under a wedding photo of my brother and new Sister-in-law in our local paper! I have also yet to even think of starting that DVD for nan in the morning! YIKES!!

3 thoughts on “I’ve got a new toy

  1. Great pictures. That ring is beautiful 🙂
    That’s to bad they didn’t want the picture in the paper. That would have been cool.

  2. Great pictures! I hope they don’t mind you posting at least a couple of the wedding.
    Congratulations to Stewart and your new sister and law!

  3. i didn’t even know it was stewart’s wedding!!! for some reason i just thought it was a friend? i don’t know but that’s awesome 🙂
    i’m sure they’ll let you post some piccies for us to see.
    i do love weddings.
    gimme those actions too!

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