Day out

I should have been going to see Avril Lavigne in concert tonight (I should be there right now) but sadly things didn’t quite work out.

So I invited The Guy down, and I left him in bed to go visit my nan… Got home at 1pm to find him still in bed lol. My baby doesn’t sleep so well – in fact I went to bed late (11pm is late for me!) and I remember hearing him up still at 1am. But it was somewhat fun to burst into the room, open curtains and the windows as the weather was gorgeous and sunny dispite a slight hiccup with some light showers about 11.15am ish. Then to jump on the bed, accidentally squashing him as I’m so accident prone it’s unfunny and saying rather loudly: “IT’S TIME TO GET UP”… only because I was up at 8.30 thanks to my internal body clock which is in this routine where I’m up early – although did have a lie in this morning hehe – and I’m just jealous. Then I got asked why I didn’t wake him sooner, bless.

We went to the Forest this afternoon after drooling over all the houses on MTV Cribs.
Some coffee for him, and some Apple Juice and flapjack for meeee.

We took my camera and got some awesome shots… Which make me super happy because I have cool pics to put in the scrapbook, and my baby is getting a GREAT eye for those pictures, and some of these he took of me just melt my heart 🙂 I have some sweet shots of me to put in my Book Of Me. It’s going to be so much fun having another photographer around here to share my passion, methinks 🙂

(and look at the length of my haaaaaaaaaair. I can’t wait to have it cut off, although I love it and I know I’ll miss it when it’s gone… It’s annoying the heck out of me and needs to be cut off.)
and someone’s doggy came running up to me for some fuss. Oh! sooooooooo cute!


For more, check out the Photostream @ flickr.

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