Going a-hunting…

Can I just say how awesome Retrology is? Jhuzen Ketsugo hosts the most amazing hunts ever, I participated during the Easter Egg hunt, and yesterday I had a go at the Rose Hunt. You can see I have some awesome new hair from Calla as well. Now I have a cool short do when I surf, and nice long hair for parties and such with a colour changing hair slide to match what I wear. Awesomeness. (gotta love the “GAS” sign in the back too lol 🙂


Now I only found 6 so far, and I doubt I’ll be able to find anymore before it finishes. Which is a poo, but I found the amazing Rose outfit that Jhuzen is modelling in her blog post! A guy was dressed up in it as I was dancing on the dancefloor with Jhuzen and Draco Tatsu and if you said hello back to him after he said it to you he’d give you money lol. It’s a place I’d certainly recommend checking out, lots to see and do there, and of course – awesome shops.

Oh and to continue from my Bento loving yesterday as I sat at work today with my broken tupperware box I was thinking about getting a nice bento box… I eyed up a Monokuro Boo bento box and a Blue Dragonfly one in ebay yesterday but I really wanted something with compartments and cutlery as opposed to chopsticks lol. But I decided to wait to see what I could find as a girl on the Eat My Bento community had a lovely yellow set…
Well if you know me at all, you know I don’t wait very well – incredibly impatient me – and in the end I bought this Bento Laptop Lunch this evening 🙂 LOL! I thought it was a pretty good deal seeing as I got all what I wanted – the box and cutlery…. and I got a sleeve and ice pack and a book with lunch ideas too! There’s an American version of the site as well and they do a bag version with water bottle instead of the sleeve and icepack. So hopefully once it arrives I’ll be able to post some super pictures like these ones at Flickr’s Laptop Lunches pool.

2 thoughts on “Going a-hunting…

  1. That gas sign in the game is so funny and so true.
    I saw the bento community when it was on lj spotlight. It made me want to buy my own bento box. 😛 I like the flickr you linked. I was thinking that putting together a lunch would be pretty time consuming but looking at those pictures gave me ideas of stuff I could actually do in under an hour. haha
    The last entry: Cuteness overload! Wonderful pictures!

  2. I am intrigued by bento now. The idea of cutting my food into shapes like people on the lj community did seemed too time consuming, but looking at the flickr community, that looks like something I could do!

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