Bank Holiday

In typical fashion, the bank holiday had terrible weather. It was really weird up Painswick Beacon to see the clouds below.
But it got super weird when the mist started to make its way up the beacon. I started to freak out at one point because nothing looked as it did on the journey up…Lol, I’m such a doofus at times. But I had to get out, I wasn’t feeling too well. Don’t know why I thought going to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal for lunch was a great idea either, but I seem ok now so fresh air and food must have done the trick 🙂
Mist on the Beacon
Mist on the Beacon
And I got the opening page of my Book Of Me (part 2) done. It was nice to spend some time on me, doing stuff I wanted to do creatively. The photobooth strip is from (of which you can’t appreciate the super coolness of it unless you see for yourself the overlay effect), and the super cool paper and stars are by “express yourself DIY”. Blinging 🙂
BOM opening

2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday

  1. Aw, yay for the guy getting to visit. 🙂
    It looks very pretty there. Everything is so green. What’s the building in the 2nd picture?
    Love the page. I wish I had the energy and money to keep up with scrap booking. lol

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