Super duper!

Lol, I got flagged down on Eastern Avenue by a young guy in the back of his parents car asking if he could ring me. I looked at him blankly before he added: “About your tyres”. Now, me being me starting freaking out internally thinking: “What’s wrong with my tyres!?” and then a quick glance in my rear view mirror and I remembered that there was a big “For Sale” sign for my brothers Ford wheels that I had put up in the back lol. So I got home and phoned my dad who is sorting out the sale and let him know someone was going to be calling.

I feel so super cool now lol, I hoped someone would notice the sign in the back of my car. It’s been in there for weeks though, I had kinda forgot about it!

I finally got around to doing my washing up, and if I get the ironing board out and finally get some ironing done after… ooo, I dunno the last month and a half to 2 months of not doing it, I would feel super duper productive!

I also had an e-mail to say my Wii Fit has been shipped today and I should have it Monday (hurrah!), my Moo Minicard holder arrived today and my Moo stickers I ordered through the promo should be here soon too I hope. I want some pretty stickers with some of my photos I took on it

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