It’s here!

My baby arrived!

My new lens!!

Nicely packaged in a little box. It’s so cute lol! And such FANTASTIC photos! I’ll put most of them under a cut 😉

SPS: Self Portrait Saturday shot:
Self Portrait 05th Apr 08

And on to my Saturday:
Kenzie and Tim
Kenz colouring
Crossword - concentrating
Mmmm Quavers!
(more under the cut. Click For larger)

Kenzie and TimJUMP!Cheesey grinTim and NanIt's the crossword!Gramp the ham :)Hey up thereUsing the chair liftmy baby TazBusterYummy flowers

Went for a nice walk. Sadly I was in the middle of a field with horses when it started raining, but I have some more awesome snaps tomorrow 🙂 I LOVE this lens! All those photos (except the chair lift) wasn’t Jinkied at all. All natural shots 🙂

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